Our Mission

Is to prepare and inspire our youth to pursue a life of sanctification, holiness, and a spiritual relationship with God in Christ. To promote holiness values, and enable our youth to live Godly and fulfilling lives, and to encourage and enrich the lives of our youth spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, socially, and intellectually.  

About Us!

We have different ministries serving the needs of our youth ranging from 3-21 years of age. Developing and promoting youth activities is an important here at Power House Church.

Youth Department Ministries:

Sunday School We meet every Sunday Morning @ 9am
Sunshine Band – Ages 3-12  We meet every Wednesday @ 6pm
Purity Class – 12-21 We meet every Wednesday @ 6pm
YPWW (Young People Willing Workers) ALL AGES We meet every Tuesday @ 5pm

Youth Department Activities:

Outreach Events 
Monthly Youth Services