Our Mission

Imparting the knowledge and will of God so that when we go out God’s love, peace, and strength shines through us.

About Us!

Women are easily moved in emotions. So, we have to gird up ourselves with the love of God as well as have a personal relationship through prayer and His word. In doing this we may be able to walk in the spirit so that we do not fulfill the lust of the flesh. As we are constantly learning the different facets of our rare diamond Jesus we reach out to others as best as we can! You may have read in the Mission Department section that we aided in the new mother hand bags. We have also done a pajama drive for families at the Crossroad Mission during the Christmas season. Then, there are the kits for the homeless we are putting together to equip each member so, if they see someone in need they can provide immediate aide. These are just a few of many ways we are looking to serve our God in excellence! We are praying that God uses us to the best of our abilities each and everyday. We meet every 2nd Saturday for Women Round table.

Women At Work!