Our Mission

To share the love that God has shown us through acts of kindness in our community, country and abroad. Matthew 9:37-38

About Us!

We love to help locally in our community in more ways than one. Every year we prepare food baskets for the holidays and give them out to families in need. We work closely with the Women’s Department in many endeavors. For example we put together kits for new mothers including things like diapers, formula, clothes, etc. Our Power House Hispano also helped serve thanksgiving dinner to the homeless. We are also looking for ways to shine God’s love abroad! We took a group of Powerites to support as well as donated towards their cause which helps families strung out on drugs recover and receive the life God had planned for them.
To see more about these campaigns or to donate yourself just click over their names!
We share all this to not just inform you but to pray-fully inspire you to join us in spreading the light and love of God!